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How Do YOU Do-it-Denim? LEVI’s for Threads


We’ve teamed up with LEVI’S to offer YOU a chance at a $500 LEVI’S shopping spree PLUS a sponsored photo shoot in your new looks!


photo by Mike Carreiro

Step one: Join fashion bloggers Feral Creature and Rima Rama by downloading Threads + creating an account


photo by Megan Batson

Step two: Post your denim #ootd to Do-it-Denim collection


photo by Megan Batson

Step three: Share your Do-it-Denim posts on your blog, social, and to your friends! The more traffic to your posts, the better your shot at winning!


photo by Mike Carreiro

**Pssttt…one of your friends/followers who likes your Do-it-Denim look on the app, will ALSO receive a $50 LEVI’s gift card if you win**


photo by Mike Carreiro

Contest starts today and ends in one week (Thursday 12/17) with winner announced Friday 12/18

Start posting and good luck!


This collaboration was made possible

thanks to LEVI’S

Rima Rama

& Feral Creature

Pau Dictado x BNKR | street style collaboration

We’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with fashion and lifestyle blogger, Pau Dictado, for the introduction of our app’s street style collection. BNKR, Australian fashion labels, provided five complete looks for the activation and the result… tres chic

//see for yourself.

/head to toe c/meo collective. 

/head to toe c/meo collective. 

We had such an amazing time coordinating this collab with Pau and BNKR. Pau is an extremely professional and warm young woman who undoubtedly has big things in her future. Every single piece from BNKR whether it was the fifth label, keepsake, or c/meo collective, was made from supreme quality materials and fit Pau like a dream. We are so very grateful to have launched such a high-demand collection like street style, with this fabulous team of creatives behind it. xx 

Don’t take our word for it – read about Pau’s experience on the shoot and collaboration here on her blog. 

Exploring DTLA with Pau and photog Alec Dibell! 

Exploring DTLA with Pau and photog Alec Dibell! 

All Pau’s looks are from BNKR – Australian labels – and all images were captured by Alec Dibell. Love these looks? Post your very own street style to the new collection.

Post your street style to Threads and you could win $100 in BNKR fashion! (contest ends 11/13)

Post your street style to Threads and you could win $100 in BNKR fashion! (contest ends 11/13)

Stay tuned for more brand and blogger collaborations from Threads! Looking to get involved? Comment below or contact us 

style inspo from your future bffs // JRKstylestory

Threads meets blogger >> Threads throws event >> blogger meets photographer >> **pixie dust* >> Threads community is born 

Not everyday you get to pick three bloggers’ brains while exploring Melrose!

When asked of her favorite brands/collections out right now, KW replied while slaying in Cantiq.LA's bralette...

When asked of her favorite brands/collections out right now, KW replied while slaying in Cantiq.LA’s bralette…

“Ohh this is a tricky one! There are tons of brands I love and admire but haven’t bought a single piece of clothing because that’s a few weeks salary. However at the moment I can’t get enough of Australian brands. BNKR recently sent me some items and they sell all the cool contemporary brands that I wish could fill my closet like C/MEO and thefifthlabel. A girl needs those staple pieces in her wardrobe.” –@KristinaWilde (

What stands out most to you when shopping or gaining outfit inspiration; where it came from or how it falls/fits? Judy, also in Cantiq,  goes in...

What stands out most to you when shopping or gaining outfit inspiration; where it came from or how it falls/fits? Judy, also in Cantiq,  goes in…

I definitely focus on cool prints and silhouettes. I’m petite so it can look like I’m being swallowed up if I choose a strange cut. I absolutely love the 60s Mod silhouette and I can live in mini dresses.
— Judyelle (
This stunner, Sonia P., styled our shoot taking into consideration Threads' debuting beta app and each blogger's branded aesthetic 

This stunner, Sonia P., styled our shoot taking into consideration Threads’ debuting beta app and each blogger’s branded aesthetic 

what style advice would you lend to young adults who maybe seek it? 

Don’t over do it! Too many trends at once can be a bad thing. There is a difference between being “trendy” and “stylish,” and trust me, being stylish would be the one you want to aim for.
— @soniea (
Remi (pronounced: Ray-mee), share with us your favorite brands and collections out right now...

Remi (pronounced: Ray-mee), share with us your favorite brands and collections out right now…

Top Shop for most, Cmeo collective for minimal pieces, faithfull the brand for beachy weekend vibes, Carbon38 go to fitness designer brands, currently Herthelabel and Thecallofsummer bikinis :)” -Remi (@rrayyme)

We're all a work in progress and styles evolve; what about you at the core, goes hand in hand with your style? Frankie (photographer extraordinaire) answers:

We’re all a work in progress and styles evolve; what about you at the core, goes hand in hand with your style? Frankie (photographer extraordinaire) answers:

Los Angeles is probably the biggest source of inspiration for me. I moved here over 4 years ago and this city has been a huge influence for me ever since. I also lean towards simplicity and classic pieces.
— @frankie1white

seeking ootd; date night, festival style, interview outfit?

I said hey, what’s up, hello:

Photographer: Frankie

BTS photos: Jules

Stylist: Sonia

Model/Bloggers: KristinaJudyRemi


.blogger revelations on app collections | BTS

Three bloggers draped in minimalist and bohochic looks celebrate the beta app’s current collections//

(left to right) Judy, Kristina, and Remi (not pictured: Sonia - stylist, Frankie - photographer)

(left to right) Judy, Kristina, and Remi (not pictured: Sonia – stylist, Frankie – photographer)

Off the cusp describe your style:

Minimal, eating-breakfast-in-bed-casual, mostly white, grey, nude, black in my closet, but I don’t mind super bright gym clothes and shoes. I love having good quality basics and also love delicate accessories (mostly rings and bracelets).” –Remi, blogger

[the app has shop-able and searchable collections within it]

so we asked…

which collections cater to your style?

>>bralettes seeded for this shoot were handmade and magnificent! by CantiqLA 

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I have been loving the “Do It Denim”. I realized I have gravitated to so much denim. I will quickly run out of the house and not realize that I am wearing denim pants and my favorite oversized denim jacket.
— Kristina Wilde | StylebyWilde
I’m loving the boho chic and the around the world theme is pretty amazing because you get to see bloggers’ outfits from different cities while getting serious wanderlust!
— Judy (

//can’t turn back now? official images and more style insight on the blog Friday via part deux

Happy Thread-ing! xx

Photographer: Frankie

BTS photos: Jules

Stylist: Sonia

Model/Bloggers: Kristina, Judy, Remi

ThreadStory No. 3

Flower Shop Entrepreneur Redefines Boho Beauty

When you meet Alexandra Scholtz, it is clear that she is in her element. That big, confident smile of hers reflects the creativity and healthy challenges she encounters as her life intersects with her work.  Alexandra recently moved to L.A. from upstate New York and opened up  Wild Flora, a floral design and gift shop in Studio City with her brother, a landscape architect. Alexandra curates the shop and designs floral arrangements for weddings, store front displays, individual bouquets, and more.

Alexandra grew up immersed in the business of flowers. Her mother owned a flower shop in New York so she had an affinity for floral arrangements at a young age. Initially reluctant to open her own store at such a young age, she went for it and so far has been grateful for taking the initiative. When she and her brother were looking for locations, the store front of what is now Wild Flora spoke to them both. If it wasn’t the Ivy that surrounded the large storefront window that sold them, it was the fact that the first three numbers in the address of the shop contained the address of their mother’s floral shop! 

Wild Flora curates  beautiful jewelry by local designers as well as scarves, accessories, children’s toys and home products. Alexandra’s store has a very home grown yet sophisticated feel; it has a boho meets minimal aesthetic vibe to it. Wild Flora is evidently a product of her good taste!

Photographed by Joy Newell

Styled by Courtney Biebl

Featuring Alexandra Scholtz and Wild Flora


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ThreadStory No.2

feminine // masculine

 two self-made, singer/songwriters dress-up their inner tomboy 

“I never knew I wanted to be a musician. I grew up studying classical violin, piano, and flute, but never ventured from what was written on the page. It wasn’t until after college that I wrote my first song and fell in love with music in a very different, more personal way,” Sonia shared. “At UC Berkeley, I studied psychology with plans of becoming a therapist,” she continued. “After graduating, I joined a consulting firm in San Francisco where I felt very dissatisfied and felt I wanted more but I wasn’t sure what ‘more’ was. One evening, I sat down at my keyboard and started writing a song. The feeling of aliveness I felt writing that first song made it clear to me that writing music was something I needed to explore more.”

Leila shares a similar story of clarity. She too was a “late bloomer” as a musician. Leila was about to accept her offer to study philosophy at USC and about that time was invited to a pop concert with a friend of the family.  Her inspiration came half way through the show, “If they can do this as a career, I can do this,” she recalls thinking. That moment, she decided to say “screw it,” and soon after, applied to Musicians Institute instead to pursue music as more than a hobby.

It would be nice to say they never looked back since, but that isn’t the case. “I definitely have moments of doubt and I do occasionally glance at those other paths I started to go down,” Sonia confesses. “But, when I play a show or I spend a day writing, it is so clear to me how much I love what I do and that doubt always disappears.” 

Leila too, speaks of her struggle to balance staying true to herself and “making it” in an industry that values women for reasons she resents. At the end of the day she realizes she simply can’t not write music, it is in her.

What was clear after getting to know both of these talented, beautiful, and determined women, was that pursuing one’s passion is not a sprint, it is a marathon. More over, transitioning careers is not about risking it all at once and taking a leap, but rather taking several small steps in the right direction.

Leila began taking voice lessons while teaching herself guitar and piano as she gradually shifted her life direction, and Sonia played shows at night while working as an associate at the consulting firm during the day. Finally, Sonia found herself booking shows in Bali, Japan, Minneapolis, Nashville and in several of LA’s hotspots, consistently enough to have music be her full time career. Leila just released her first album, is booking shows and is building up quite the fan base. Similarly to the first ThreadStory, these women show that is not about “making it,” but rather making it happen. They are doing just that.

Photographed by Yeran Terzian

Styled by Courtney Biebl

Makeup by Stephanie Wolfe

Featuring Sonia Rao and Leila Pari

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ThreadStory No. 1

girl boss duo does urban chic 

Michele Maturo is not only gorgeous, she is smart, compassionate, and committed to her long term vision of leveraging her modeling success as a means to give back. ” I feel fortunate to be able to reach people and it is most important to me to be able to use that reach to make a difference in other people’s lives,” she says as she describes what keeps her passionate about modeling, while having her makeup done.

Michele’s style is sporty, slightly tomboyish and always chic. This lady can rock anything she puts on.  Her secret; it is all in the confidence! Michele is not your typical 6′ model, but this has never discouraged her from pursuing her career as a model and influencer. A natural beauty both on and off camera, she radiates poise and power as she does her thing.

Michele defines authenticity. She lives what she preaches and only supports products/brands she loves and uses. During the shoot, she offered us all some of the vitamins that she was raving about. “They are a part of my daily routine,” she mentions while proceeding to take two. They keep her healthy during her crazy work schedule. 

Bekka Gunther is a babe who knows how to make it happen. She goes after what she wants aggressively yet with grace and professionalism. Her story is one of creative career transition in pursuit of her passion. As a natural in front of the camera, she found herself modeling in her teens. Though like Michele, she is much more than meets the eye. Bekka’s less obvious talents reveal themselves when she is behind the camera. 

Bekka doesn’t take no for answer. In scheduling this shoot, nearly everything got in the way. Despite several people canceling, an insane travel schedule, bronchitis, and rain the day of the shoot, Bekka showed up and killed it. Her unique perspective through her experience as a model lends her to be a truly distinct and impressive creative director and photographer.

Beauties Behind the Story

Creative direction and photography by Bekka Gunther

Styled by Courtney Biebl 

Featuring Michele Maturo

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//coming soon

What is a ThreadStory?

A ThreadStory is not about “making it,” but rather “making it happen.” Each featured woman shares a glimpse into her journey towards living her passion; lessons learned, what has inspired her, and what she feels most confident wearing.


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