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Boho Chic x Back to Basics ft. Fiona

Fiona in “Ritual – short dress” in black by Burningtorch

You might already know that Threads, our developing fashion app, offers something rather unique.

Not only is it’s content organized by a bevy of stellar stylists and bAbe-rham Lincoln bloggers, but it is searchable by theme. A.K.A. stop stressing over that perfect #bohochic look for tonight and simply punch it into the app.


Since we’re still technically pre-launch, we’ll lend you the mesmeric Fiona and her killer style for outfit inspo.

*Particularly perfect for our themes: boho chic & back to basics*

Fiona in “Ritual short dress” in black by Burning Torch

Make way. Fiona in Burning Torch’s “Sunkist Dress” (in steel)

“Yes please!”, to this jumper on Fiona by Aussie queen Lisa Maree .

We met Fiona at a codesign for Threads during the app’s development with her also super stylish friend, Talia. Immediately, with Fiona’s innate fashion sense, personal hustle, and the professional moves she was making, we knew she was a Threads-girl. Check out her blossoming blog here and you’re welcome in advance for her threads here (well…until the app is out!). 

BTS shots courtesy of Ali Ballensweig and (of course) TYSM to treasured photog Frankie White & this post’s muse, Fiona. 

Feigning for some style inspiration? Download our app, babydoll. 

SF Bound: guest of Honor

Giving triple threat a new meaning, Honor is model, turned model/stylist, turned model/stylist/creative director. Doing all of the above in addition to recently signing on to a full-time gig with MinkPink. Girl is equal parts style as hustle.

We recently had the privilege of tagging along on her northbound journey to SF! What started as a mellow drive to visit her (also uber stylish) boyfriend, turned into quite the adventure. From banana chi-chi’s to Herman Miller, we had a blast trailing this fashion-vagabond around her favorite San Francisco spots.

*Not to mention, killer road trip photoshoots.

| 3 must-see’s in San Francisco |

1. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar (basement party + tiki drinks + indoor rain)

2. Mixed Nuts vintage furniture & delights

3. Wasteland on Haight St.

wait… is this really vintage?
outside of her amazing collection of vintage, Honor’s sporting both Pylo and Motel in these shots //

follow her on insta @hondawgg | lurk her site 

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Behind the Scenes: Style Blogging Part 2

Another day of shooting with Threads-fave Frankie and her friend and subject, Maddie, an up and coming fashion blogger herself. Frankie chose the Hollywood Forever Cemetery as the background to Maddie’s “inspirational garden shoot”. 

Hollywood isn’t quite known for its greenery, so the cemetery provided the gardenesque canvas with the perfect amount of Hollywood edge.


Photographer: Frankie White @Frankie1White

Blogger 1: Maddietoy(red hair) @Maddietoy

Blogger 2: Yuka(purple hair) @Yukasaur

Threads BTS photorapher/ Writer: Jenelle @jenelledagres

Threads Writer: Stephanie Wolfe: @steph_wolfe

Threads  @mythreadsapp

Outfit #2

Wandering through the mausoleum and making it work. Strange vibes in there.

Outfit #3

Maddie had to head to work so we parted ways and headed to the next shoot.

As usual, the results were beautiful! See below!

Between shoots we had quick break at Lemonade to recharge then then on to the next! Meet Yuka, a fashion blogger with a passion for fashion design. Her day job involves fashion research and designing. With this, she hopes to one day launch her own line. We are sure she will!

The next location  was the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a dazzling architectural feat by architect Frank Gehry. The perfect backdrop to any photoshoot, with a modern feel. Bonus* the cool tones went amazingly with Yuka’s hair colour! 

We go back to the car to make outfit changes where Yuka may have shown off her collection of food shaped cushions in her back seat (lol!).

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Final images below! (drum roll please…)

Photographer: Frankie White @Frankie1White

Blogger 1: Maddietoy(red hair) @Maddietoy

Blogger 2: Yuka(purple hair) @Yukasaur

Threads BTS photorapher/ Writer: Jenelle @jenelledagres

Threads Writer: Stephanie Wolfe: @steph_wolfe

Threads  @mythreadsapp

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