The Procrastinator’s Guide: 5 Ways to Make Your NYE Style Stand Out. No Glitter or Sequins Necessary!

  Author: Laura Getzler 12.29.15
  1. Go Velvet
For people wanting to be sexy and have the shiny festive look, try wearing some velvet. The comfortable, forgiving fabric looks great on all body types, and with all of the different options in pieces, from dresses to tops, you can incorporate the look to fit any event.   velvetjumpsuitkarlie-kloss.Cushnie et Ochsvelvetjacket  
  1. Pleated Skirt
Metallic pleated skirts are a fresh and rejuvenated take on the typical NYE sparkly dress. They come in all colors, and lengths. Pair it with a turtleneck for a cozier vibe for colder weather locations or outdoor events, and add some boots to complete the look. Wear a low plunging top with your skirt and some strappy heels if you want to show more skin. pleated skirt Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.51.38 PM  
  1. Printed Suits
Wearing a floral or retro patterned suit will be so unique and fun for any event you attend this NYE. Adding a bold shoe to the look is sure to make heads turn. Make sure to keep your accessories minimal and allow the suit to speak for itself.   the-new-way-to-wear-bold-prints-1593640-1449877414.640x0c Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.47.03 PM  
  1. Strong Outerwear
A cape or oversized coat will give you the warmth you need and the fashion forward look that supports the allure to unveil what’s hiding underneath the coat. The strong outerwear is necessary and supports the functions of practicality, without compromising your overall look. Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.13.57 PMmilitary  
  1. Embellished Shoe or Brooch
Everyone wants some sparkle and shine to their NYE looks. Add an embellished pump or brooch to your ensemble if you feel like you need a little more sparkle. It will be the perfect addition to any look and set you apart from your friends. Don’t forget, details count!   Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.48.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.47.59 PM brooch

How Do YOU Do-it-Denim? LEVI’s for Threads


We’ve teamed up with LEVI’S to offer YOU a chance at a $500 LEVI’S shopping spree PLUS a sponsored photo shoot in your new looks!

photo by Mike Carreiro

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photo by Megan Batson

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photo by Megan Batson

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photo by Mike Carreiro

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photo by Mike Carreiro

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Pau Dictado x BNKR | street style collaboration

We’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with fashion and lifestyle blogger, Pau Dictado, for the introduction of our app’s street style collection. BNKR, Australian fashion labels, provided five complete looks for the activation and the result… tres chic

//see for yourself.

/head to toe c/meo collective. 
/head to toe c/meo collective. 
We had such an amazing time coordinating this collab with Pau and BNKR. Pau is an extremely professional and warm young woman who undoubtedly has big things in her future. Every single piece from BNKR whether it was the fifth label, keepsake, or c/meo collective, was made from supreme quality materials and fit Pau like a dream. We are so very grateful to have launched such a high-demand collection like street style, with this fabulous team of creatives behind it. xx 

Don’t take our word for it – read about Pau’s experience on the shoot and collaboration here on her blog. 

Exploring DTLA with Pau and photog Alec Dibell! 
Exploring DTLA with Pau and photog Alec Dibell! 

All Pau’s looks are from BNKR – Australian labels – and all images were captured by Alec Dibell. Love these looks? Post your very own street style to the new collection.

Post your street style to Threads and you could win $100 in BNKR fashion! (contest ends 11/13)
Post your street style to Threads and you could win $100 in BNKR fashion! (contest ends 11/13)

Stay tuned for more brand and blogger collaborations from Threads! Looking to get involved? Comment below or contact us 

A Commuter Girl’s Guide to Street Style

We met Becca at our first San Francisco blogger happy hour event in September. She is a passionate, genuine and smart young woman and we are so excited to have her as our guest blogger this week! Want more Becca and this chic city look? 

I am a born and raised Texan. The biggest city I’ve lived in is Dallas, and while it very much has a “city feel” to it, moving to San Francisco was a big change in all aspects of my life—from my career, to the daily nuances of where to shop for groceries, to my closet. Now that I walk to work, I’ve been trying to find the balance of comfort, class, and corporate. Lucky for me, I can wear jeans to work every day, but I know that’s not the case for everyone.

It can be difficult to stay true to your fashion identity while remaining within your work dress code, all while being comfortable for your commute, whether that is a one mile walk, a car ride, a bus trip or a stint on the subway. There are tons of ways to make all of the above work, and I’ve found that one of the best ways to do so, especially during the fall, is by layering and sporting wedged booties.

What I love most about this entire outfit is how versatile it is. All you need to do to either mix it up or make it a bit more corporate is change out the pants (a similar pair can be found at Banana Republic, as well as tons of chic business pants) and swap this flowy shirt for something a little more business-casual. 

The major advantage of this “cape” (found at H&M) is that it is super warm but very lightweight, so on my walk to work I don’t feel hot, but when I’m cold in the office I can throw it back on and it’s almost as though I’m donning an incredibly fashionable blanket (because let’s be real—it’s always cold in the office).

Finally, the shoes. As I was shopping for some new fall booties, I instantly gravitated toward the usual—black, gray and brown. And then these beauties caught my eye, and I thought, why not? I’ve never owned a pair of navy shoes—sandals, heels, wedges, nothing. I have TONS of clothes to wear these with, but we get so comfortable with our go-to look that we forget that fashion is all about branching out, while of course staying true to who you are. Not only are these adorable, but they’re extremely comfortable, as well. I can walk all over San Francisco in these and not feel like I’m ready for a new pair of feet. That’s a win-win right there. I also love that they give me a little bit of height, which I desperately need at 5’3! You can find these Nine West booties at DSW in a variety of colors.

This look is stylish wherever you are throughout the workday—on your commute, rocking it at your desk, on a quick brain break outside the office, or at after work happy hour. Remember, fashion is all about mixing things up and trying out different looks, so if you’re eyeing something that is a bit outside your norm, go for it! There’s always the possibility of repurposing different pieces for various scenarios, and I bet you can work it in to your street style, as well.

Follow Becca on her blog

An American Girl in Denmark

click mage to see her Threads profile (@danikamaia) - also in app's boho chic collection!
click mage to see her Threads profile (@danikamaia) – also in app’s boho chic collection!

Growing up under the ever expanding blanket of blue skies and warmth that make California a dream destination around the world, I never had to think much about what real weather does to a wardrobe. My winter attire growing up was more or less a thin long sleeve t shirt and a hoodie slung across my waist, my toes bare with flip flops hanging on by a thin strap. I didn’t mind if my feet got wet from a winter drizzle, knowing that at some point in the day it would warm up again and I would be fine. Now that I live in Copenhagen, I have to be just a tad more cautious with my toes in the winter as there is the minor chance of, you know, frostbite. The wardrobe readjustments since moving from California to Copenhagen have been plenty, but I’ve tried to narrow it down to the top three which highlight the most drastic changes I’ve noticed in my personal style thus far. 

“I’ve adopted a much more comfortable standard for shoes, and can live pretty much an entire year in a good pair of Chelsea boots or nice pair of sneakers. “

Since we’ve already gone there, let’s start with the foot situation. Two big differences between Copenhagen and California have had a devastating impact on my shoe collection and those things are: weather and walking. In California I drove everywhere because there really isn’t much of an option to do otherwise unless you live in San Francisco which, despite what I tell people I meet in Europe when I don’t have time to explain otherwise, I did not. Driving myself from point A to B meant that I could handle a slightly less comfortable shoe. For me, this meant a closet full of heels in all different styles and varying levels of discomfort ranging from “I can do this and my legs look fantastic” to “f**k everything.” Plus, when I got out of the car, the weather would be warm and I knew if I couldn’t feel my toes it was only because I needed to get real and level up a size, not that they were frozen and being slowly chipped off. I don’t drive in Copenhagen – the public transport and biking lanes (lol ok I don’t bike either) have been a blessing and save me so much money and worry when it comes to gas, insurance, and maintenance – but they’ve effectively killed my heel collection as well. I’ve adopted a much more comfortable standard for shoes, and can live pretty much an entire year in a good pair of Chelsea boots or nice pair of sneakers. Socks have also become a good friend, though more out of necessity than a true compatibility and meaningful connection.

Next up, we’ve got the transition from a colourful and varied wardrobe to what is now sea of black, white, and grey with a few statement pieces of color sprinkled in. If I said it was a conscious decision on my part I’d be lying. The effect of Scandinavia has definitely gotten a hold of me and the constant imagery of statuesque blondes in nothing but monochrome has made a lasting impression. I love the sleek look of a monochrome outfit, and it honestly makes my hectic life just a tad easier when I don’t have to worry about matching different elements of colour. 

gain more style inspiration straight from Danika's Threads account! click the image to follow and shop her looks
gain more style inspiration straight from Danika’s Threads account! click the image to follow and shop her looks

“Finally, and yet another weather related factor, we have the need for functional clothing that is also fashionable.” 

Living in a cold climate, when it comes to fashion, is simply more expensive. Living in one of the most expensive countries in the world which also happens to be very cold, is even more expensive. I had it easy living in California, I could afford tons of different cheap low quality tops, shoes, and sweaters, because I never had to worry about the big purchases of a durable coat or pair of boots. Add to that the dilemma of finding a fashionable coat and durable boots, and you’re looking at a costly endeavour no matter which way you swing it. This has forced me to narrow down my selections of outfits and choose quality over quantity – which took me a long time to learn. After the fourth pair of $20 boots literally fell apart in the rain and snow leaving me shoeless and stranded at the office, I finally learned my lesson. 

'streets of lace' shop danika's look on Threads - click image to see it in our boho chic collection
‘streets of lace’ shop danika’s look on Threads – click image to see it in our boho chic collection

As it stands now, I visit California at least one month out of every year, so I’m currently trying to manage a small set of clothes that work for that climate while maintaining the majority of my wardrobe with Copenhagen in mind, and that can be tough. On the bright side, I love the way that the two places have combined within my personal style to form something new that speaks to my history and feels truly my own. 

Danika is a Threads creator, writer, and fashion blogger situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although the app is not yet available for outside of the US, she still loads her links using our console! We love you, Danika! x

Shop her looks and post your own on Threads here: 

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Cara Delevingne’s does date night.

Photo: Splash News
Photo: Splash News

between the hair, the heels, and that uber chic suit, Cara Delevinge is reinventing date night style. this look is giving us major outfit envy and bonus, the perfect style inspiration for Threads’ tomboy chic and date night collections. 

//have a stellar style you’ve sported on a recent date? upload it to Threads’ date night collection and earn commission when others shop your look! 

Margaret Zhang

Aussie fashion blogger (and then some) Margaret Zhang of continuously has us swooning

She can rock just about any look and completely own it; minimalist, tomboy chic, statement pieces all day, and her street style guarantees heart eyes. 


Did we mention she's not only studying law, but an active fashion blogger, stylist, writer, and photographer. That's a lot of hats to wear on one (extremely beautiful) head, Margaret! 
Did we mention she’s not only studying law, but an active fashion blogger, stylist, writer, and photographer. That’s a lot of hats to wear on one (extremely beautiful) head, Margaret! 

A huge reason behind our musings is her instagram feed. It is consistently stunning, but as of late, her NYFW posts are killing it. Girl has got an eye – check it out for yourself.

*give Threads a follow while you're at it. ;-) 
*give Threads a follow while you’re at it. 😉 

So, keep doing what you’re doing Margaret Zhang, because you do it well. You inspire people from all walks of life with your beautiful images, and insanely gorgeous outfits and style.  

juxtaposition in fashion

By Mariel Cornel – Polydeux

After growing up in uniforms and having the way I look dictated by others, I never saw myself being well versed in fashion. Fast-forward to adult me; I’d actually want to be buried with my closet or better yet, laid down in a casket of expensive furs.

Being a fashion blogger, you’re evidentially forced to thwart yourself into categories. What are you? Who are you? How would you describe your style? My immediate response is that it’s ‘eclectic. It’s day and night. I can dress bohemian one day and street the next.’ It’s a completely acceptable answer. I mean, who else could sound more put-together than someone using the term ‘eclectic’?

Polydeux (Mariel) by Justin Querbal
Polydeux (Mariel) by Justin Querbal

But the fact of the matter is my style has changed a lot since I’ve formulated that answer, which I will continue to swear by even if it’s not true.

I read somewhere that to really find your sense of style: You. Must. Experiment. And so I did. I’ve been harnessing my tom-boyish wants and I’m exuding it via unisex and street wear inspired ‘fits.  At the same time, I can’t let go of my infatuation with heels and short skirts.

Mariel is street style personified with her harness and high-waisted ripped skinnies. (photo: Justin Querbal)
Mariel is street style personified with her harness and high-waisted ripped skinnies. (photo: Justin Querbal)
That’s why I become a frequenter of the minimalist chic theme. There’s something about become a fervent explorer of the neutrals palette that can open up so many different possibilities. You’re no longer focusing on the print or color of an outfit, but the way textures work together when strategically worn. Fashion isn’t limited to being just a visual art. It caters to all the senses.
— Mariel on ‘minimal chic’ collection

By combining the two ends of the spectrum, I realized that both encompass a similarity: juxtaposition. If there’s anything I love most, it’s texture versus clean lines. The texture of hard leather against smooth fur gets me weak.

The key to an effortless outfit, as I’ve learned, is that a little goes a long way. Less is definitely more.